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Pastoral Care Team
Faith. Trust. Discretion. Empathy. Love. Strength.

  The purpose of the Pastoral Care Team is to respond to the pastoral, spiritual and emotional needs of the congregation. We ensure that first-time visitors feel welcome and we keep in touch with former attendees who can no longer come to worship with us. If a parishioner is experiencing a difficult time, such as suffering illness or grieving the loss of a loved one, we will send a card, or call and offer prayers to support them.

We will also help in practical ways. Parishioners can request prayers for themselves or loved ones, knowing that all information shared is considered confidential.

Before joining the team, members take the ten-week basic course given by the Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program. If possible, we also participate in the two continuing education sessions which the Program offers every year.We pray that our actions act as tangible reminders of God's love for us and strengthen the realization of this love, even in challenging times. Access our services through the church office in the contacts section.