“Why should I go to church?”

You’re on this website, so you’re already thinking about it. We all come for different reasons and our reasons change during our church life...a search for meaning, a reason to be hopeful, a chance to share our burdens, a way to help others, a way to start a new relationship with God. Why not give it a try? For nearly 150 years people have found meaning through the Trinity community. We have a record of success. 

“Why should I choose an Anglican Church and why Trinity?”

We may look small, but we think big. We are a partner in the worldwide Anglican Communion and in the universal Church. We all proclaim and celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ in worship and action alongside people from many countries and cultures. We operate under a big tent that offers inspiration to all age groups. We value and reach out to children, teens, young adults, families and seniors. 

You’ve likely heard some things about Anglicans never change. True! If you ask any Anglican,they are likely to be able to recite a creed that dates back to the third century, that lists our Christian beliefs. This doesn’t change. We have been around for a long time and will be here for a long time. 

“So...are you traditional?”

Yes! But don’t be mistaken. Traditional doesn’t mean stodgy or dated, and it certainly doesn’t mean closed-minded! We value our heritage of biblical faith, reason, liturgy, tradition, and the rich variety of our life in community. 

At Trinity we know God is calling us to greater diversity of membership, to taking care of God’s creation and to show resolve in challenging attitudes and structures that cause barriers. That’s what’s special about Trinity.

 Here at Trinity, we commit ourselves to respond to this call in love by caring and helping others in our community and around the world. We’re here for you in good times and in bad. Our doors are as open as our hearts. Come on in!