Welcome to Trinity Anglican Church in Old Ottawa South.

We are a diverse community that is inclusive of all people.
Jesus offers us a pure example of love, compassion and justice. In our human way, we attempt to follow his example.

Please join us this Sunday.

Trinity is innovative and we take pride in being thought-leaders within our community.
  • We were the first church in the diocese to install solar panels to become more eco-friendly.
  • We offer credit card payments at fundraisers using the square for efficiency and to stay up-to-date with the latest tech. 
  • We moved to high efficiency heating this year to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We have installed new video and audio systems for the comfort and enjoyment of our parishoners. 
  • Most of our work is done online in reaction to COVID-19. 
  • During the Syrian Refugee Crisis, we were among the first to respond with sponsorships and support for the Syrian community. 
  • During the pandemic we moved swiftly to Zoom and shifted our seniors’ mission to an online platform, and had meals normally served in the church catered and delivered to people's homes. 
  • We have partnered with Andrew Fleck Childcare to renovate our rental space to the most recent standards in child care facilities. 
We are proud of the steps we have taken, but do not plan to stop there. Trinity is welcome to new suggestions and feedback from the community, so if you have an innovation you would like to see, please email us at office@trinityottawa.ca



Student Accommodation Available: Mabel Gordon House
Are you a Carleton student looking for affordable housing? We got you covered!

Mabel Gordon House

5 Harvard Avenue, Ottawa

Mabel Gordon House has been established as a rooming house for students and is owned by Trinity Anglican Church. It is part of the church property. While Trinity Church is landlord the house is looked after by church volunteers. From-time-to-time those volunteers taking care of the house will need to enter and will give due notice in such times.

Tenants are expected to adhere to the rules set out by the Ontario Government Landlord Tenant Act.

MGH has 6 bedrooms available for rent by students. There are two bathrooms, one for women upstairs and the other for men. The common area is shared and consists of sitting/dining room, kitchen and hallways. Students must respect the common area keeping in mind that it is shared space and clear of their belongings.

The kitchen is shared and fully equipped for simple food preparation. Two refrigerators are in the kitchen, one with a freezer capacity. In the basement there is a chest freezer. Students have worked together to establish their own storage space for food in the shared kitchen. 

The laundry area consisting of a washer and dryer is located in the basement. The basement can also be used to store personal items such as suitcases or boxes of books.

The common area is cleaned twice monthly.

MGH has no private parking availability. Street parking during the day is limited to three hours by City of Ottawa by-laws. In winter parking bans must be observed for snow removal. There is no temporary parking available during snow removal time.  

MGH is a no smoking house. There are no pets allowed.

Overnight guests are tolerated short-term but no guest can stay for more that 5 days. And the same guest can not stay twice in the same year.

To find out if MGH has an available room it is posted on “Places 4 Students” There is a Carleton University section on that site.