Serving The Community Since 1876

We have ministered in the Ottawa South area since 1876, witnessing generations as they evolve through life’s cycles, joined by the solace and strength gained from Christian fellowship and worship.  These are just a few highlights of our history. For more details, please see our entry in Wikipedia.


History Chronology

1876 January 15 – An ad hoc vestry met in the Billings Bridge Temperance Hall to establish a new Church of England mission, called Trinity Church Mission.  Services were held at the Temperance Hall while the mission building was constructed north of the Rideau River.

1879 August 24 – The first service was conducted in the new mission building by the first rector, The Reverend H.B. Patton, who served at Trinity until October, 1882.

1904 August – The Trinity Parish Guild began operating an annual food tent at the Central Canada Exhibition, at Lansdowne Park.

1926 April 4, Easter Day – The new brick Trinity Church building opened, with Bishop John Charles Roper as celebrant. The original building was disassembled, moved and reassembled in the village of Sawmill Creek (now Alta Vista), becoming the mission Church of St. Thomas the Apostle. The original cornerstone of Trinity Church, marked with the date of 1876 was reversed, and re-laid at St. Thomas by the Bishop with a new inscription, “St. Thomas 1927” facing outwards.

1947 March 19, Ash Wednesday – a fire devastated Trinity. The Reverend Adrian Bender and Mrs. Charles Paynter were trapped in the Vestry, but rescued by firemen.

1948 September 29 – Repaired and rebuilt with fireproof materials, the church was re-opened.

1963 May 23 – Trinity’s Casavant Brothers pipe organ was dedicated by Bishop Reed.

1981 – Jackie Johnston becomes Trinity’s first woman Warden.

Main Source: Adelaide B. Morgan and Herbert E. Gladish, Reflections on the Past and Present of Trinity Anglican Church (1999).