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We are delighted to introduce Connect at Trinity, the new afternoon worshipping community of Trinity Anglican Church. Starting Sunday, September 11, we worship together every Sunday at 4 pm in the beautiful sanctuary of Trinity Anglican Church, 1230 Bank Street in Ottawa.

If you're looking for a welcoming community with vibrant music and engaging preaching, you may want to give us a try! Connect is a community of people constantly challenged by God to seek out how our greatest passions meet the world's greatest needs, extending God's grace and mercy to all. Participation matters to us, so we try to engage and involve everyone, regardless of ethnic origin, age, socioeconomic status, gender expression/identity, or sexual orientation. As followers of Jesus, we are praying for the Spirit to guide us into new ways to be a church in the midst of this wonderful, multicultural city. 

Connect is led by Paul Mugarura, Evelyn Mugarura and Rev. Mark Whittall. Mark Whittall is the Priest at Trinity Anglican Church, and he says, "It's always exciting to start something new, so I'm really looking forward to the launch of Connect at Trinity on Sunday, September 11. I'm also really looking forward to working with Paul and Evelyn Mugarura in this new church community. Paul is an amazing musician and a great preacher, which is an awesome combination. And Evelyn plays a pretty wicked bass."

Paul has been a pastor and worship leader at several churches in Ottawa. He says that his greatest desire is to see people change the stories of their lives through love, grace and mercy. "Through all my years leading in churches, I have come to understand the importance of having an engaged and passionate worship experience at the centre of the Christian community. My hope is that with our new Connect worship services, we will be able to provide a home to a diverse, spiritually seeking community right here in Ottawa." 

Evelyn is an elementary school teacher who is passionate about engaging worship spaces where people can meet Jesus. "I'm excited to be a part of Connect at Trinity, a diverse community that I can bring my family and friends to. I'm passionate about fully embodied worship experiences without pretense. I'm not interested in simply going through the motions, but instead helping people find new life in Christ through his grace, mercy and love."

Join us as we worship together in song, worship and prayer as we learn to apply God's word to our lives every day and participate in communion where we remember Jesus' death and resurrection for us. We hope you'll join us for our first Connect service on Sunday, September 11, and the ones to come after.