YIP is a promising new youth ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. The program aims to keep young adults connected with the church over the long-term. YIP leaders have developed an approach that mixes experiential learning, group discussion, and individual reflection. YIP involves five components: work placements; faith formation; leadership skills development; coaching; and Christian mentorship.

YIP participants receive an honorarium ($975 in total) at the successful completion of the 5 components at the end of each 9 month term. This is approximately equivalent to receiving minimum wage for the hours worked at their YIP placement.

YIP is designed for all youth 17-21 years of age with consideration given to mature 16 year-olds and passionate 22 year-olds. While they are in the YIP program, youth are expected to make YIP a priority and there is an expectation that they worship with some regularly and attempt to be a visible part of a faith community.

For more information regarding YIP and how to get involved, visit https://www.ottawa.anglican.ca/index.php/yip or find them on Facebook @YIPOttawa