Holiday Giving with Heart

The Ottawa South Committee for Refugee Support is a community-based group with a mission to sponsor families in unsafe situations and help them integrate into Canadian society. The Committee is currently preparing to sponsor a family of 6 from the Congo. Order your chocolate today and help a refugee family in need!

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New to the community? Over 70 community members are involved with Trinity in helping refugees settle into their new country. This work is a wonderful way to meet your neighbours, old and new. Trinity has a long history of active involvement with refugee sponsorship and support. We are working now in partnership with two community-based refugee sponsorship groups – the Ottawa South Committee for Refugee Support and Resettlement Support Ottawa.

Thanks to this partnership and the effort of Trinity parishioners, we have welcomed over 30 refugees, both families and individuals, as they begin a safe, new life in Ottawa. The refugees come from the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Sponsorship applications are underway for 14 more refugees.

There is an ongoing need for additional people to participate in this important ministry. Everyone is welcomed. Please let Trinity know if you can become involved. Our telephone number is 613-733-7536.

There is also an ongoing financial need. Fundraising continues. Financial contributions can be made online through the “Give” section of this website.