Are you into art and decorating? The remarkable aesthetic of Trinity is due in large part to this amazing group, whose work is based on a long-standing tradition. Teams of four are on duty two weeks at a time throughout the year. They enhance the beauty of the church not just for the Sunday morning service, but also, say, Christmas Eve followed by Christmas Day. They are responsible for preparation of the altar, beginning with an impeccably laundered and ironed altar cloth, and continuing with wine, water and wafers, candles, the Gospel, and so on. Afterwards the teams put things away, arrange for supplies to be replenished, and take home all those beautiful white linens (purificators, corporals and veils) to launder, iron and fold according to tradition. The team is also responsible for switching those beautiful hangings on the pulpit and the lecterns, according to the church calendar. If you are interested in exploring the intricacies of this long-held church tradition, contact