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Following two years of mostly online worship, Trinity Anglican Church is thrilled to announce that they will be back in person for Easter this year. This Easter is especially special for this community-based church as they get ready to receive new refugee families and they launch their new worshiping community with a more contemporary vibe on Sunday afternoons at 4pm.

Here are the upcoming Easter and Holy Week Services, which are available in person, and online on Zoom and Facebook. Everyone is welcome to participate in any of the events.

Trinity’s Easter and Holy Week Schedule:

  • Palm Sunday April 10 th at 10am
  • Maundy Thursday April 14th at 7pm
  • Good Friday April 15th at 10am
  • Easter Sunday, April 17th at 10am and 4pm

Over the years, Trinity has been known as a community pillar who advocates for refugee sponsorship and resettlement. This Easter, Trinity will be welcoming and sponsoring two new Burundian families who have been patiently waiting for years to come to Canada. Through Trinity’s community partnerships with Ottawa South Committee for Refugee Support (OSCRS)
and Resettlement Support Ottawa (RSO) Trinity is also supporting an Afghan family in Ottawa, awaiting the arrival of  another Burundian family, is submitting a new application to sponsor a Syrian family, and has applications for five more refugees currently under review.

Trinity’s Refugee Resettlement

Trinity, in partnership with the OSCRS and Resettlement Support Ottawa, has a long history of facilitating refugee sponsorship and resettlement, and has helped over 35 people settle into Ottawa after fleeing from their home country. The Old Ottawa South Church credits the support of their parishioners and community partners for their generosity and kindness.

“Refugee sponsorship and resettlement is one of the most important ways that we as Canadians can respond to the wars and conflicts that afflict so many people in our world today. It saves the lives of vulnerable people who have been forced to flee their homes and are suffering and it brings us together as a community as we collectively put our shoulder to the wheel to help neighbors across the planet.” said Rev. Mark Whittall, Trinity’s pastor.

Helping others is helping your community

Trinity is able to participate in and facilitate so many refugee resettlements because the
Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is a long-time Sponsorship Agreement Holder with the Government of Canada through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Trinity and the Refugee Ministry Office of the Anglican Diocese not only help community groups create and submit their applications, but also take responsibility for these families for the entire year, helping them find living accommodations, integrate within the community, and make connections across the city.  Trinity has a host family and a lot of happy parishioners eagerly awaiting the two couples from Burundi, and they look forward with excitement to the arrival of their long- awaited new friends.

How you can get involved

Funding to resettle refugees comes entirely from donations and community support as Trinity has held a variety of fundraisers and events to raise funds for these families in need. The entire community has a role to play in facilitating and assisting groups who want to sponsor refugees. If you’d like to get involved, come out and support our community during our upcoming events.

Check out our website where you can donate online, or contact our
office to learn about volunteering opportunities and upcoming fundraisers.