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The Epiphany of Our Lord

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The Epiphany of Our Lord


Trinity Anglican Church

1230 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ontario   K1S 3Y3


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Priest: The Reverend Arran Thorpe

Director of Music: Victoria Scott

Duty Warden: Neale Gillespie


Worshiping God as disciples of Jesus;

showing love to our neighbours near and far.


The Epiphany of Our Lord

January 5, 2014

8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist

10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist with Choir, and Church School



Organ prelude

We Gather As God’s People

Opening Hymn:  Angels, from the Realms of Glory                        #143

Children’s Talk

The Gathering of the Community                                      page 185

Gloria                                                                                     #702

Kyrie                                                                                      #706

The Collect of the Day                                                            page 280

We Listen To God’s Word

The First Reading: Isaiah 60:1-6                           (O.T. page 690)

Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14 (sung by the choir)                                  page 797

The Second Reading: Ephesians 3:1-12               (N.T. page 193)

Gradual Hymn:       As with Gladness Men of Old                      #160

Gospel Acclamation                                                                      #715

Celebrant: The Lord be with you

People:   And also with you.

Celebrant: The Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,

according to Matthew 2:1-12                      (N.T. page 02)

People:   Glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ…

Celebrant: The Gospel of Christ.

People:   Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.

We Respond to God’s Word


The Nicene Creed                                                             page 188

The Prayers of the People

Leader: God’s glory has been veiled in flesh. Our flesh has become a glorious epiphany.

People: Let us present before the Lord of glory our gift of prayer for those who are in need.

Leader: For the Church throughout the world, for those named in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, in our Diocesan Prayer Calendar, and in our Parish Prayer Calendar we pray today for Christ Church Cathedral, The Very Rev. Shane Parker, and The Rev. Canon Catherine Ascah.  For the members of the Parish Ministry Committee.  In our Companion Diocese of Jerusalem, we pray for The Right Rev. Bishop Suheil Dawani and St. George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem.  For the participants and staff in the Marriage Preparation Courses throughout the Diocese.  For John our bishop, for all bishops, for Arran our Priest, and for all clergy and people.

People: For all who walk in the darkness of violence and oppression, and for all who by their life and preaching cast into that dark­ness the light of God’s peace and justice.

Leader: Let us pray for all who carry on the teaching of prophets and apostles, and for the full communion in life and worship of those who re­ceive God’s word.

People: Let us pray for all who have at their disposal this world’s riches, and for all who call out to them.

Leader: Within our Parish we pray for the sick and the suffering, especially (insert names), and for those we name silently or aloud (silence).  Let us pray for the rulers of the earth, and for every child that stands in need of their protection.

People: For all who raise their eyes to the heavens looking for healing and deliverance.

Leader: We remember those who have died, especially (insert names), and for those we name silently or aloud (silence). For all who through death have passed into the full epiphany of God’s glory let us pray to the Lord. O God of stars and journeys, you lead us day by day to the joyful vision of your light.

People: Move us by the power of your word that we too might open our gifts for others and so receive in our hearts the child of Bethlehem. So may you be praised and adored through the same Christ our Lord, in the Holy Spirit, this day of your Epiphany, now and forever. Amen.

Confession and Absolution                                                page 191

The Exchange of the Peace                                                      page 192

We Celebrate The Presence Of Jesus

Offertory Hymn: We Three Kings (words printed below)


We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar.
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star.

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light.

Born a king on Bethlehem’s plain,
Gold I bring to crown Him again,
King forever, ceasing never
Over us all to reign.


Myrrh is mine: it’s bitter perfume
Breaths a life of gathering gloom.
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding dying,
Sealed in the stone-cold tomb.


Glorious now behold Him arise,
King and God and Sacrifice.
Alleluia, alleluia!
Sounds through the earth and skies.


Prayer over the Gifts                                                        page 280

Eucharistic Prayer

Sanctus                                                                                  #735

The Lord’s Prayer                                                                   #744

The Breaking of the Bread                                                page 212

Agnus Dei                                                                               #747

The Communion

Communion Hymn: Earth Has Many a Noble City                  #158

Prayer after Communion                                                   page 280 Doxology and Blessing

Announcements/Birthdays and Anniversaries

Recessional Hymn: The First Nowell                                     #139


Organ Postlude

Sharing in the Ministry of our Parish Today


Greeter:                        Linda Bowering

Readers:                Paul Merriam and Audrey Graham

Intercessions:       Sue Cherry

Lay Administrator:       Doug Small

Coffee Hour:         Linda Bowering and Brenda Cheeseman

Altar Guild:           Mary Wilson, Belma Hull, Beulah Rumboldt, Simon McInnes



OUT OF THE COLD DINNER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Saturday, January 25th, volunteers are needed to help with set-up, prepare the dinner, register guests, serve dinner and clean up.  Shifts are between 2 and 3 hours between 2 pm and 7 pm.  Trinity has hosted this dinner at Southminster United Church on Aylmer Ave. for a number of years.  Please consider participating in this important outreach activity.  Volunteers of all ages welcome. No experience required. The sign-up sheet is in Bender Hall or call Judy Richardson at 613-730-7482. It is a rewarding experience.


GRAPEVINE JR. YOUTH GROUP: Next meeting is Friday, January 10th, 7-9 p.m.  Continuing the kindness project.  Grapevine is for youth aged 9-12.  Contact Kiersten for more information.


FROSTY’S FAIR: We know it is a little early to be thinking about Frosty’s Fair for 2014!  However, this year we are planning on having a “Christmas Table“.  What better time than now to think about items for the table!   While decorating your home this year, you may discover some “New or Gently Used” decorations you no longer need.  Maybe you are “crafty” and know how to make Christmas ornaments/wreaths/etc.  Please put such items aside for the Christmas Table or bring them to Brenda Cheeseman.  If you are brave enough to go shopping on Boxing Day, Christmas decorations can usually be purchased at 75% off!  New items would be greatly appreciated.


Also, if you receive an item during the holidays that you would like to “re-gift”, please consider donating it to Frosty’s Fair.  Nancy Bassam would like such items for either the Silent Auction or Great Gifts Table.


We thank you for your continued support.


WE NEED COFFEE VOLUNTEERS: If you can serve coffee one Sunday, please write your name on the schedule attached to the bulletin board beside the office.  If you do not know how to make the coffee and tea—never fear!  Brenda Small has provided easy to follow instructions and there are many seasoned Coffee Time volunteers who are willing to show you the ropes.

SENIOR’S LUNCHEON will take place Thursday, January 23rd from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Canterbury Room. Enjoy a free lunch and fellowship.  For more information, contact Ruth Cochrane 613-890-2901 or Chris Garnett 613-737-1176.

This Week at Trinity

Tuesday, January 7th  

9:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.           Church Office Open

8:00 p.m.                       Corporation Meeting

Wednesday, January 8th

9:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.          Church Office Open

9:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.          ACW

Thursday, January 9th          

9:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.           Church Office Open

Sunday, January 12th    

8:00 a.m.                       Holy Eucharist

10:00 a.m.                     Holy Eucharist with Church School

Readings:                      Isaiah 42:1-9; Psalm 29; Acts 10:34-43; Matthew 3:13-17.