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Pentecost 11










1230 Bank St. Ottawa  ON  K1S 3Y3

613-733-7536   |   |    @OttawaTrinity


Incumbent: The Rev. Arran Thorpe

Honorary Assistant: The Rev. Canon Allan Budzin

Director of Music: Fabien Tousignant

Cantor: Simon McInnes


Worshiping God as disciples of Jesus;

showing love to our neighbours near and far.


Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost


August 20, 2017

9:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist with One-Room Church School





We Gather As God’s People

The churches of our Diocese stand on the traditional territories of the Algonquin and Mohawk Nations. May we always dwell on these lands with respect and peace.

Opening Hymn: God of Mercy, God of Grace                                        #341

Children’s Talk

The Gathering of the Community                                                                               page 185

Gloria                                                                                                       #686

Kyrie                                                                                                         #706

Collect of the Day

Holy One of Israel, covenant-keeper,
you gather in what has been rejected,
restoring what is lost and healing what is wounded.
Give us faith to speak out boldly,
so that the outcast may be welcomed
and all may be blessed. Amen.
Revised Common Lectionary Prayers (2002) alt.



We Listen To God’s Word

The First Reading: Genesis 45:1-15                                          (O.T. pg. 42)

Psalm 133       Sung by Cantor

The Second Reading: Romans 11:1-2a,29-32                        (N.T. pg. 160)

Gradual Hymn: He Comes to Us as One Unknown                              #456

Celebrant:        The Lord be with you

People:           And also with you.

Celebrant:        The Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,

according to Matthew 15:(10-20), 21-28 (N.T. page 17)

People:           Glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ…

Celebrant:        The Gospel of Christ.

People:           Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.


We Respond to God’s Word


The Apostles Creed                                                                          page 189

Prayers of the People (Adapted from Susan Sayers)
The good news of salvation is not limited to a particular group or nation but available to the whole world.

Leader: In faith, let us pray to the God of all the earth. In our Diocesan Calendar of Prayer, we pray for St. Stephen’s, Ottawa, and the Rev. George Kwari. For St. John’s Lutheran Church, and Pastor Joel Crouse. In our Companion Diocese of Jerusalem, we pray for The Arab Evangelical Episcopal School, Ramallah, Palestine. We pray for John, our bishop, for Arran, our priest, and for Allan, our honorary assistant. We pray for all clergy and people.

People: Holy God, may the worship of your Church throughout the world be attentive and expectant, ready to be set on fire again and again with the outrageous foolishness of loving, without exceptions and without limits and without praise. (Silence)

Leader: Servant God:

People: let us honour you with our lives.

Leader: Holy God, may all that encourages people in goodness, honesty and compassion be blessed and grow; may all that encourages self-seeking and cruelty, prejudice and deceit wither and be exposed as the unsatisfying rubbish it is. May we learn from one another’s cultures and respect one another’s differences. (Silence)

Leader: Servant God:

People: let us honour you with our lives.

Leader: Holy God, we pray for all whose backgrounds make belief in a loving God laughable or terrifying. We pray for all who suffer mental or emotional anguish and those who despair. We pray for those facing another day of pain, another day of hunger, another day of fear. At this time, we pray for (insert names) and for those who we name silently or aloud. (Silence)

Leader: Servant God:

People: let us honour you with our lives.




Leader: Holy God, gather into your eternal kingdom all who have come to the end of this earthly life and rejoice to see you as you really are. We remember all whom we love but can no longer see, and thank you for your overarching love and undergirding faithfulness to us. At this time, we pray for (insert names) and for those who we name silently or aloud. (Silence)

Leader: Servant God:

People: let us honour you with our lives.

Leader: Holy God, we remember with gratitude all who gave up so much to bring the good news to our country, and pray that with us it may continue to be spread until the whole earth knows of your truth and love.

Leader: Merciful God,
Accept these prayers in the name of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


Confession and Absolution                                                             page 191

The Exchange of the Peace                                                            page 192



We Celebrate the Presence of Jesus

Offertory Hymn: All Praise to Thee                                                          #387

Prayer over the Gifts

God of all creation,
all you have made is good,
and your love endures forever.
You bring forth bread from the earth
and fruit from the vine.
Nourish us with these gifts,
so that we might be for the world
signs of your gracious presence in Jesus Christ,
our Saviour and Lord. Amen.
Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006) alt.

Sanctus                                                                                                   #735

Eucharistic Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer                                                                            page 211

The Breaking of the Bread                                                               page 287

Agnus Dei                                                                                                #747

The Communion

Prayer after Communion


We give you thanks, almighty God,
that you have refreshed us
through the healing power of this gift of life.
In your mercy, strengthen us through this gift,
in faith toward you and in fervent love toward one another;
for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006)

Doxology and Blessing

Announcements/Birthdays and Anniversaries

Recessional Hymn: Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us                           #564






Sharing in the Ministry of our Parish Today               

Readers:                                  Brenda Small and Shirley Tubman

Intercessions:                         Yvonne Silverman

Lay Administration:                 Linda Bowering and Judy Richardson

Hospitality:                              Judy Richardson

Altar Guild:                              Mary Wilson, Beulah Rumbolt, Simon McInnes, and Lorna Feehan







Kiersten will be away from August 6-August 19. There will be no Church School August 6 or 13. Children can find packages of activities at the back of the church. The church office will also be closed. Messages will be checked for pastoral emergencies.



CONCERT:  Sundance Trio will perform a concert here at Trinity TODAY, August 20th 2017 at 4:30pm. Sundance Trio was formed in 2005 to explore and perform trios written for oboe, bassoon and piano.  Based in Utah, members of the trio include oboist Geralyn Giovannetti, bassoonist Christian Smith, and pianist Jed Moss.  Freewill offering.

This Week at Trinity

Tuesday, August 22nd                                        

10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.     CHURCH OFFICE OPEN

Wednesday, August 23rd      

10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.     CHURCH OFFICE OPEN

10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.     ACW

Thursday, August 24th                                                   

10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.     CHURCH OFFICE OPEN

Sunday, August 27th  Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost
Readings:                  Exodus 1:8-2:10; Psalm 124; Romans

12:1-8; Matthew 16:13-20.





An invitation from Robert Taylor, Refugee Committee chair:

Hello all,


It has now been a week since the happy occasion when Ali and his two brothers, Ghassan and Emad, arrived. Everything is going well. But it has been a very busy time, with formalities to be addressed, and the fact that school starts in a month, among other things.


A party where all of us can meet and greet Ali, Ghassan and Emad, as well as their mother Sawsan and sister, Sarah, will be held on Saturday, September 9 at Trinity Anglican Church, 1230 Bank Street, from 2 pm to 4 pm


Everyone is invited. Please come.


The event will be very much like the parties held at Trinity after the Alsebaee family arrived and to mark their first year here.


I look forward to seeing you on September 9.



Chi chiskutimaasunaanaau: We are learning
Saturday, September 9, 9:30am – 7pm

The Indigenous peoples of Canada possess a rich heritage of traditions and customs, which have often been repressed. Sadly, the Church has often participated in this repression–leaving many Aboriginal people disconnected from their roots, and many non-Aboriginal people ignorant of how much these traditions bring to our common life. Recently, the report by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has brought new attention to this sad state of affairs and has emphasized the importance of educating Canadians about Indigenous ways.

To help with this, Good Shepherd Church is partnering with Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawato organize a day-long event which will help us grow in understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture. Our Chi chiskutimaasunaanaau: We Are Learning event will introduce participants to traditional First Nations practices such as sacred fire, tobacco teachings, drumming and more. We’ll also hear from First Nations people who work to integrate their traditional ways with their Christian faith. The afternoon will include a presentation on the Indian Residential School system and its ongoing legacy.

The event will take place “On the Land” in Fitzroy Harbour, to emphasize the connection between Indigenous traditions and the land. Lunch and supper will be provided.

Participants must register by August 31, 2017. Cost of registration is $10 per person. The address will be provided upon registration, and participants must arrange their own transportation. Those with special dietary restrictions or mobility concerns should contact us for more information on how we can best accommodate your needs. Contact Rev. Stephen Silverthorne at or 613-823-8118 to register.

Funding for this event has been provided in part by the Healing and Reconciliation Fund of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.