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The Grapevine, May 2012

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The Grapevine, May 2012


News from Trinity
May 1st, 2012

Banner image for Eastertide“So now I am giving you a new commandment: love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

John 13:34-34


Growing in Faith Together

Check out the GIFT display board at the back of the church for all the news.

Stylized image of a tree, symbolizing the Growing In Faith Together campain.


A big thank you to Evan Baker, Judy Richardson, Jeremy Plaunt and David Wilson who have worked so hard and given may long hours to organizing the GIFT campaign.

Another big thank you to our fabulous church school teachers…Jen Small, Sarah Connor Gorber and Karsa Worth…

Photo of the Lighting of the Pascal Flame, at Easter 2012

Telephone Update 

The telephone at the entrance to Bender Hall is now connected to the main church telephone line. This change will save us more than $60/month, because we must pay business rates for our telephone services. Please do use the phone for emergencies or short local calls such as for transportation. Please don’t use the phone for lengthy calls, because we need the line to be open for people calling in from elsewhere.

Note that a “stutter tone” (an endless series of short beeps instead of a dial tone) means that someone has left a recorded message for Rev. Andrea or the church office. This tone doesn’t prevent you from dialling out, although it certainly sounds strange.

Treasurer’s Corner 

Report as of April 16

2012 2011
Income $56,000 $62,000
Expenses $77,000 $82,000
From Rev. Andrea

Do you ever wonder if the church – Trinity, in particular – does any real good? If you were privileged, as I am, to hear from people and read letters and cards of thanks that we receive you would know that the answer is “YES!”

Did you know that the Pastoral Care team sends cards to those who are sick, had a baby, or need some encouragement? 

Did you know that we have grocery cards, bus tickets, small amounts of money to help those in our area that need a hand up? 

Did you know that we give out food hampers at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter? 

Did you know that the ladies of the Dorcas group send Bales to the north filled with quilts they have made all year? 

In addition to some of these very practical ways of serving God’s world, this parish continues to distribute a certain portion of our annual budget to organizations and agencies that help the needs of people in challenging circumstances. We always receive letters of thanks with stories of how what we contribute makes a difference in the lives of individuals and families in our area.


These are just a few ways that Trinity, as part of the broader community of faith, is making a difference for people in our world.



Up and Coming 

Saturday May 5th
The Great Trinity Book Sale – 9:30am to 3pm.
Bob and Sue Taylor would love your help either setting up on Friday or working Saturday. They can be reached at 230-3903

Sunday May 6th
Guest Preacher: Jamie Tomlinson

Saturday May 12th
Godly Play Workshop – 9am to 3pm

Saturday May 12th
Church spring clean up – 9am to noon
Many hands make light work, hope you can join us!

Sunday May 15th
The Multi-graders church school class will be meeting with Rev Andrea right after church.
They have so many questions!

Tuesday May 15th
Pastoral Care meeting – 1:30 to 2:30pm
Everyone is welcome!

Saturday June 2nd
Old Fashioned Church Rummage Sale
We are looking for donations of gently used household items, clothing, linens, toys, jewelry. The better the condition the better thing sell! Want to help out please call Paul at 730-7581 or Nancy at 731-5086.

Sunday June 3rd
Church Picnic – 10am at Brewer Park.
Bring drinks, lawn chairs, etc. and donations to a pot luck lunch. If the weather is iffy call the church that morning to confirm our location.

Sunday June 10th
Summer hours for worship begin.
One service at 9:30am

A Little Bit about the Pastoral Care Team
“Parishioners helping parishioners.”

“…someone from Trinity called to see how I was doing after my operation. Now that I live alone a phone call from my church lifts my spirits…”

This is one of the gifts that member of the pastoral care team offers to our faith community. They offer support for those in our church community who may not otherwise have access to Anglican communion, fellowship and liturgy.

Pastoral care people have a heart for others. They want to support others as they go through life events. Our pastoral care team is well trained to do just that.

Have you always wanted to be part of this group but don’t think you have what it takes…then it probably means you do! Walking humbly with our God and our friends is so important. Want to know more…come speak with me and together we can see what God is calling you to…Andrea+

Opportunities to Give
 – Join the Pastoral Care Team
 – Maintain the message on the outdoor sign
If interested, please speak with Rev. Andrea