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Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care

Parishioners helping parishioners

Who we serve?

Our congregation has a long history of parishioners providing support to fellow parishioners and their families during times of sickness, isolation, daily struggles, grieving and loss ,seeking new directions, loss of independence, crisis or transition, family changes, and stressful events.

What we do…

  • Reach out in the name of Christ to welcome, to serve, and to care.
  • Offer support for those in our church community who may not otherwise have access to Anglican communion, fellowship and liturgy
  • Home and Hospital visits
  • Connections to community services
  • Welcome newcomers to our church community
  • Phone chats
  • Listening, prayer and affirmation


All communications and personal information shared with members of our Pastoral Care Team are held in strict confidence.

All members of our Pastoral Care Team have been appropriately assigned and trained in their role.

Leadership of the Trinity Pastoral Care Team is provided by our priest, Reverend Arran Thorpe.


What can you do?

If you or someone you know would like to be contacted by a member of our Pastoral Care Team, we will be pleased to hear from you.

If you have the talents of listening, prayer and compassion, please contact the church office about joining our team.